As director of Sports Squad, I have been involved in children's coaching for over 10 years. Having started with work experience from school in local classes, I progressed from assistant coach to running my own classes and hosting birthday parties with A-Star Sports, whilst studying and obtaining a college qualification in Health Fitness and Exercise.

At the age of 21 I invested in the A-Star Sports franchise which allowed me to grow my business and build a great reputation in the local area. With the knowledge and experience I have acquired, I look forward to sharing many more fun and exciting times with you all as SPORTS SQUAD.


After finishing school I decided I wanted to pursue a career in sport having enjoyed P.E. I spent 3 years at college to gain an HND in Sports Coaching with development of sport. During college I had to find a work placement and started coaching with Thistle Weir Grassroots 2004's squad and continue to work with them 3 years on. I have now been part of children's multi sports coaching for 3 years with Callum running afterschool clubs, holiday clubs, weekly classes and school sessions. I thoroughly enjoy helping children develop and learn new skills, build their confidence and help settle them into their class. 


I have been coaching with Callum for 2 years now running afterschool and holiday clubs, birthday parties and sports days. Coaching children is such a rewarding job, seeing them progress their skills and techniques in each sport as well as getting fit and active in a fun, friendly environment. I am fully qualified in Fitness Health and Exercise and truly believe that children being active from a young age can have a positive effect throughout their lives. 


I have been part of Sports Squad since Scotland's first ever RED weather warning was issued in 2018. I was introduced to the multi-sports programme in Callum's back garden where he taught me all the coooool things about CHILL-DREN'S coaching. My favourite sport to play is Snowball Dodgeball and I love to eat Brrrrr-itos. I am keen to meet some more Sports Squad membrrrrs like me so if you happen to meet any, please pop them on the Winternet for me to see. 

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