Learn, Practice, Play, that's the Sports Squad Way!

Prepare your child for life, with our multi-sports programme for 2-10yrs old where they participate in one of our weekly classes.

Give your child a Birthday Party to remember. The children have so much fun we’ve even introduced PARENT parties.

Register your child in one of our school holiday sessions and allow yourself or the grandparents a well-earned break for a few hours.

Children need to MOVE – it’s great for their HEALTH and what’s good for them makes for HAPPY parents so why not prepare your child for life with our MULTI-SPORTS programme for 2 to 10 year olds.

Sports Squad is a FUN, STRUCTURED and ACTIVE way of engaging children in physical activity from a young age. Our weekly programme begins by teaching the younger ones the fundamental skills of Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. They will progress to learning and participating in a variety of ORGANIZED sports including dodgeball and hockey, channelling all their ENERGY into becoming healthy young people with skills in TEAMWORK, strengthening them PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY.

Participation in sport can teach children valuable lessons

·         How to become good teammates

·         How to communicate with peers and adults

·         How to deal with pressure situations, mistakes and failure

·         How to lead

Sports Squad believes that it doesn’t really matter what sport your child chooses as long as they are taking part and having fun. That’s one of the reasons we provide a variety to choose from. The more sports kids are exposed to, the better chance they have of finding one they love and provide them with a springboard into future sport participation.

Let's get your children to develop a positive association with sport! Find out more about the programme or talk to your local Sports Squad Coach.